Apple iPhone 6 Release Confirmed with Enough Sapphire, iPhone 6 to Cost More with Market Undeterred

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Apple iPhone 6 release will be well on its way as supply chain sources confirm that there is enough sapphire supply to support production. According to a supply chain source in coordination with GT Advanced technologies, the company has gathered enough sapphire glass to manufacture the 4.7 and 5.5-inch variants of the iPhone 6 in time for the release. Production of the iWatch will also be underway. 

Seeking Alpha's Matt Margolis obtained new information from GT Advanced Technologies' supply chain detailing the company's situation. As Margolis wrote: 

"As a result of my most recent supply chain check I believe that the Mesa sapphire operations will have ample supply to cover the iWatch, the 4.7″ iPhone and the 5.5″ iPhone with full sapphire cover glass in 2014. Additionally, the maximum sapphire screen capacity of the Mesa facility is likely to exceed 200m annual units." 

Apple only needs to settle the prepayment for GTAT for the company to start manufacturing. The delay in production and final payment was due to assembly of equipment. The sapphire plant should be up and running fully this June just in time for Apple to settle the transaction. 

Previously, there were concerns whether Apple can include the sapphire-coated display in its iPhone 6 series because of lack of supply. Many analysts believed the company will settle for sapphire in the iWatch should materials be insufficient. This time, news from GTAT reassures that Apple can release sapphire-based iPhones. 

As if to support that iPhone 6 production are well on its way, 9to5Mac published photos of the flagship's display components. Sonny Dickson shared the photos exclusively to the website showing the LCD siplay components for the 5.5-inch variant. Likewise, a ruler was captured over the display components to show how they measure exactly. The diagonal measurement is around 14cm or 5.5 inches. Other reported features of the iPhone 6 include an all-aluminum body plus a new antenna band design. Despite reports saying that the iPhone 6 phablet version could cost more, The Motley Fool reports that the markset seems undettered and will be willing to purchase the device regardless. 

Apple has not released exact details of the iPhone 6 or its official release schedule. 

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