Apple iPhone 6 Release With Big Screen to Win Over Android: Samsung And Sony No Match For Apple

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Apple will launch iPhone 6, its next flagship phone, soon. According to latest reports, Apple will release two versions of the device: 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch.

Analysts think the 5.7-inch will be the "motherload of all upgrade cycles." That is Apple will target Android big screen fans and compete better in the smartphone arena. Can Apple iPhone 6 deliver? 

Analysts believe Apple can boost up production and sales every year if it will start diversifying. According to Brian Marshall, analyst under ISI Group, iPhone users go through "large-screen envy" with other Android devices.

The Apple Insider obtained a note to investors from the analyst. According to Marshall, a larger screen will mean better and more crucial upgrades for iPhone users. Also, it can increase the conversion rate from Android to Apple. 

Marshall predicts the existing iPhone series has about 260 million users. This sums up the total of iPhone sales for the past seven quarters. The analyst also predicts that over 50 percent of iPhone sales at the moment will become upgrades. This means Apple can ensure that whoever buys it existing mobile device today will likely upgrade to what they will offer next. It should be good news for the tech giant. 

The prediction also notes around 9 percent of the current iPhone users will change to a better model every quarter on the average. The analyst thinks the market of iPhone products declined over the years. This may be due to more competitors and similar offerings. 

During peak quarters, the analyst believes that up to 14 percent of current iPhone users choose to switch to a new mobile phone. He thinks the same trend will hit Apple's iPhone 6. It will be the mark of change for many users. The percentage of who will upgrade may even go beyond 14 percent, according to the report. 

The analyst believes Apple can cater better to the smartphone market by releasing two new models. Also, the forecast indicated Apple's earnings per share will reach up to $3.00. The tech giant has not released any official statements of what people can expect from iPhone 6. 

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