Apple iPhone 6 and Other iOS Devices to Feature Bendable OLED and Shock-Proof Displays

By @peevesky on

Tech manufacturers remain pressured about the next best innovation they can introduce to their releases. Previously, the craze was on processors and HD resolutions. This time, tech giants like Apple and Samsung have started looking into shock-proof and bendable capabilities. According to recent patent sightings, Apple may include bendable OLED and drop-proof displays in its upcoming releases like the iPhone 6 and iPad Air. What can people expect? 

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published a patent granted to Apple featuring a method that uses metal for flexible displays. The primary goal of the invention is to incorporate bendable displays while maximizing conductivity. It explores the bendable and conductible nature of the components without breaking them. 

There were tech manufacturers that attempted using organic material in place of metal. This lessened the conducting ability of device compared when metal is used. The patent released (via Patently Apple) seeks to address that issue. The company has found a way to process flexible displays using metal as the conductive material. The different thing about Apple's invention is that instead of producing straight metal lines, the process bends "metal traces" to improve their durability. 

As noted in the patent, the process works with "serpentine metal traces" that can stretch without breaking. This allows Apple to produce bendable displays in the long run. In fact, Apple described in its application the technology will allow displays to be folded entirely without snapping it into two. 

A more durable iPhone appears to be on its way as another patent report according to Forbes allows Apple to use liquidmetal and sapphire to produce glass displays that do not pop off or shatter immediately when hit with impact. The patent goes by U.S. Patent No. 8,738,104 and entitled "Methods and systems for integrally trapping a glass insert in a metal bezel." Apple has extended its exclusive rights to the liquidmetal material and technology up until February 2015. Analysts predict the tech giant will come out with the iPhone 6 and other iOS devices sometime in September. 

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