Apple iPhone 6 May 2014 Release Date Delayed, Expect a 5-inch Screen iPhone Instead

By @binibiningkd on

Rumour has it, the iPhone 6 is not hitting the shelves in May but a 5-inch screen iPhone is coming instead.

The iPhone 6 is not the device launching in May but rather another smartphone featuring a 5 inches screen, latest iOS 7 and A8 processor on a 20nm die, according to the Chinese tech Web site, C-Tech WeChat. If the rumours are accurate, Apple will be following the product path of Samsung with its Galaxy Note and Galaxy S4.

Last year, analysts pointed out a mid-to-late 2013 iPhone 6 release date but the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5C was released instead. Thus far, it is hard to tell whether or not the iPhone 6 is the device that will sport the crystal sapphire screen and A8 processor on a 20nm die.

According to the Christian Post, the Taiwanese Web site Digitimes reported that Apple will be releasing a 5 inches smartphone in May and the iPhone 6 will be released in October but the CPU will be a 20nm processor and not the A8.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 is expected to be a game-changer with its killer specs and features that will undoubtedly mark a leapfrog from its predecessor. It is expected to deliver a sapphire screen for a thinner more durable build and the latest version of iOS 7, not to mention the near-field communication or NFC which is pretty useful for quick file sharing. Although it may not be the first phablet-sized device from Apple, the iPhone 6 is poised to deliver major upgrades from what we have already seen from Apple last year.

At this point, these are just rumours but it is not quite impossible if Apple will detour to the route of the Galaxy Note, especially if it were to release a bigger screened iPhone. But then again, it is unlikely for the tech giant to compete directly in product range with its competitors. What is safe to assume at this point is that we might be seeing iPhones with bigger screens in the near future.

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