Apple iPhone 6 and iOS Devices to Feature Android Unlock System

By @peevesky on

Apple's iPhone 6 has been making headlines especially with reported features veering away from the usual iPhone offering. According to recent information, the upcoming smartphone may feature a lock system similar to Android phones. This means users can now access their lock screens through gestures or patterns instead of just the usual pass code. What can people expect? 

Google has introduced the unlock pattern option in Android phones in 2008. The company has maintained the feature throughout the years. It appears Apple wanted a piece of the security feature. According to a report by Apple Insider, the tech giant has filed a patent relate to "gesture entry techniques." Apple will expand the security lock features to gesture entry. 

According to the patent, Apple will introduce its own take to the standard Android 3x3 dot grids. Under Apple, the security feature will come with a user-configurable range of active locations. Users can assign extremely large hotspots on the display for convenient connection. They can also choose to work with smaller ones requiring more precise input. 

If this is not secure enough for users, Apple has enumerated several different ways they can work with the unlock pattern system. The system allows people to create or put invisible dots on the display. They can either use these dots to connect to each other or avoid them while inputting the pattern. This will make it harder for other people to guess the pass code and access the device.   

The system may also consider the pauses, swipe speed and timing when drawing the pattern. Users can choose to apply these factors as well. If Apple will include this in the next iPhone 6, users will have to input a pattern then do another one (slower) for the device to recognize the security pattern. It should be easy enough for most users. 

Analysts think Apple will have to reconcile the Touch ID system and this new security method to make it work.

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