Apple iPhone 6 Design Concept Released Featuring Hologram Projection: Is Apple Taking the iPhone 6 Further Beyond?

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Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 has been generating quite a buzz for the past few weeks. Following Samsung's announcement of the Galaxy S5 and the mixed opinions about it, all eyes turn to the next giant releasing a flagship phone. Some analysts say they have been underwhelmed by Samsung's release. If this is any indication, Apple needs to step up the game to get ahead of the pack. Recent information and patent sightings suggest that Apple will be well on its way in impressing the market. 

In the past few weeks, Apple has been reportedly securing a number of patents for new and innovative technologies unlike any other. In fact, a recent patent on dynamic user interface indicate that Apple wants to put motion and gesture controls on its devices. Users may be able to control their iPhones from afar. 

As Apple inspires a futuristic approach to its upcoming iPhone 6, concepts of the device also show how people wanted to see a next-generation Apple smartphone. According to a concept video "iPhone 6 ​​The Dream," the Apple iPhone 6 may have a hologram projection feature. 

According to a report by SET Solution, the video shows an iPhone offering a new unlocking method and an interactive display. As mentioned, the video also shows an iPhone with a hologram projection on both sides.

To see the concept video, click here

Analysts believe that the next Apple iPhone 6 may well be a "monster" particularly because of the projected specs and sighted patents. According to Seeking Alpha, it will be likely for Apple to release an iPhone running on an A8 chip. The chip will be based on TSMC's 20-nanometer process. By using this process, Apple can boost the graphics performance of the device compared to the A7 performance. 

The report also noted that Apple will likely get its supply of higher end IP from Imagination Technologies. Analysts project that the market may see increased royalties per unit in the future. Apple has been known for putting in a lot of investment in the performance and design of its products. The company does not release several variants of its iPhone and tablet series. Rather, it concentrates on providing one refreshed version. To an extent, analysts believe this is an advantage because the company has been able to put out the best version of its products. People will have to stay tuned to know how Apple will perform with its upcoming products. 

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