Apple iPhone 6 Confirmed Sept 19 Final Design to Remove Antenna Breaks with Mockups Available

By @peevesky on

July marks another month for more Apple iPhone 6 leaks and news. According to recent stream of mockups released, the final design for the upcoming flagship will not feature antenna breaks contradicting previous mockups. The recent input on Apple's 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch variants indicate that previous leaks were not accurate and the final design will be much more different than anticipated. What will the iPhone 6 look like? 

According to G for Games, Nikkei claims that the previous mockups released about the iPhone 6 may not be entirely reliable or true. Although the mockups offered fairly accurate details about the form factor, there are some parts which consumers should take with a grain of salt. 

While the dummies reflected the overall design, still, the mockups appear like they feature low quality materials. There are a number of construction misses even primary design elements according to the sources. Nikkei pointed out that the curved glass display should be integrated smoothly with the aluminum shell surrounding the device. The aluminum part of the build does not combine well with the display. Nikkei sources say that this should not be case. The curved display should go well with the aluminum shell. It should offer the illusion that both parts are made from just one material. 

More importantly, the antenna breaks that have been featured on the mockups will not be included on the iPhone 6's final render. Previously, predictions included white-striped lines going along the back panel. Nikkei sources also claim that these will not be integrated into the final external design. In fact, the more realistic design of the iPhone 6 will reportedly be closer to the style of the iPhone 5 series. 

Other problematic details about the recent mockups include the low build quality. There is also a gap on the device because of the incompatible home button. Mac Otakara also claimed that the iPhone 6 will feature a curved display supporting design references by Nikkei. According to Bloomberg, Apple's mass production should commence this July in time for the September release. Other reported features include an A8 processor and $100 premium on the 5.5-inch version. 

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