Apple iPhone 6 Confirmed Release and Features Drive Supply to 39M in Three Months

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The Apple logo is pictured at its flagship retail store in San Francisco, California January 27, 2014.

Apple iPhone 6's forecasts remain positive as more details about the upcoming handset emerge. According to recent leaks, the 4.7 and 5.5-inch variants of the iPhone 6 will feature slimmer build giving the impression of an "Air" version of the iPhone. Additionally, demand for Apple's iPhone line surged to 39 million units setting the stage for the iPhone 6. The strong predictions about Apple's upcoming flagship can also be reportedly good for the company stocks and performance possibly slaughtering competitors like Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G 3. 

Apple's iPhone series remains one of the hottest selling commodities these days. The product line set another record this June quarter. According to the AlphasWise survey from Morgan Stanley, Apple remains the most demanded smartphone. Morgan Stanley Katy Huberty shared AlphaWise Smartphone Tracker results in her research note according to Apple Insider. The data from May to the June quarter indicated that consumer demand for iPhone units reached 39 million units. 

This is higher compared to the record last year at 31.2 million iPhones. To support further Apple's positive performance, the survey results also performed better than the agreed Wall Street predictions throughout the four out of five quarters. 

The survey for last quarter also suggested that there is a stronger demand for the iPhone due to carrier promotions and international expansion. It is also possible that the attention over Apple increased due to the consistent leaks and predictions about its upcoming products like the iPhone 6. Wall Street consensus set the demand at 35 million units which was countered by data from Morgan Stanley. 

"Similar to the March quarter, we believe promotions from Apple, retailers and carriers are driving strong demand," Huberty said in her research note. Whereas Apple's performance may be soaring, its rival Samsung has been slumping, According to Alphawise, Samsung's Galaxy handset saw a one percent down with year over year pegged at 41 million units. The lower demand may be due to more affordable handsets on the market. 

Raymond James analysts Travis McCourt also shared that Apple's shares during the 3rd quarter will outperform because of the iPhone 6 release according to PF Hub. All of Apple's preparations and details about the large screen device will drive the company's stocks and demands. The positive predictions from McCourt were also attributed to some type of retrenchment after. The large iPhone 6 will likely be extremely popular according to analysts. It will tap a market Apple has not entered but greatly exploited by rivals. Apple's entry will be a breather and source of interest for many consumers. 

According to PC Advisor, reported specs of the device include 4.7 and 5.5-inch variants, A8 processor, sapphire glass display, iOS 8, liquidmetal and 10-megapizel camera with an f/.8 aperture. Apple has not released any official statements about the iPhone 6.

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