Apple iPhone 6 Confirmed Features and Release Date to Drive All Time High Stocks

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Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference unleashed a series of new products and devices including the iOS 8 and the iCloud Drive. The iOS 8 hinted at what people can see on upcoming Apple devices especially with the iPhone 6. With details of Apple's next flagship phone slowly coming into light, there is increasing concern whether Apple can really deliver. According to recent analyst forecasts from Goldman Sachs, the release of the iPhone 6 will be the biggest yet for Apple and may drive stocks to all time high. 

According to a report by Value Walk, the company has seen an increase in stock price, the highest in eighteen months. The surge in stock prices for Apple in the past few weeks have also encouraged market observers and analysts to change their forecasts about Apple's long-term prospects. Apple's shares have been performing well than usual in the past weeks especially last May. According to Forbes, the company's stocks climb slightly under the $644.17 52-week high dating back to May 30. The report also noted that outpaced the slim gains based from the major averages. 

Many analysts agree that the sudden surge not only stems from Apple's recent event but also from the iPhone 6. Although the iPhone 5s did not appear to perform according to some of the expectations, the iPhone 6 still remains a potential massive hit. Many industry observers and analysts agree. 

Analyst Ben A. Reitzes previously predicted Apple's stock price to be at $590. Apple broke that record earlier last May. However, Nomura's Stuart Jeffrey noted that Apple's major announcements last June 2 indicate a firm "keeping its tinder dry" according to Forbes. This is related to the upcoming release of new iPhones and iPads. The analyst remains neutral about the matter saying that despite the strong replacement cycle potential of the iPhone 6, Apple may also face a difficult year-over-year evaluation in 2015. 

According to analysts, the iPhone 6's phablet version or 5.5-inch variant will be the primary selling item of Apple. A phablet device is a first for Apple drawing people's attention. Apple will also tap a market it has not fully tapped throughout the years. also reported that Deutsche Telekom officials have been informed about the iPhone's 6 release on September 19.

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