Apple iPhone 5 Refurbished Models on Discount at eBay; Save $200 to $350 on 16GB, 32GB and 64GB Models

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Cupertino based Apple Inc. has struck a deal with the online retailer eBay Inc. to sell Apple iPhone 5. This deal offers certified refurbished models of the iPhone 5. With the iPhone 6's release date approaching, these deals are perfect for the ones who would like to opt for the earlier models of Apple iPhone. Notably, the deal also bundles one year warranty on the purchased device. In addition, eBay is offering iPhone 5 handsets with reduction in prices on 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB handsets.

Furthermore, the online retailer offers six different models of the iPhone 5 in its online store. All the iPhone 5 models are GSM based and are factory unlocked. This deal includes the most sought-after 64 GB iPhone 5 variant in white colour, which can be purchased at $499 in eBay. Also, the 64 GB iPhone 5 variant in black is also priced at $499, while the 32 GB iPhone 5 in white comes for $479.

The other handsets with discounts include 32 GB iPhone 5 model in black for $479, 16 GB iPhone 5 variant in white for $449 and 16 GB iPhone 5 model in black for $449.

Along with the one year warranty, the website also says that Apple certified iPhone 5 would come with repackaged manual and charger, along with the final inspection by Apple on the refurbished product.

Even though eBay did not reveal the deal being run by Apple, the company certification on iPhones imply the obvious. Notably, this is not the first time Apple has partnered with eBay out of the blue. Apparently, when Apple and eBay tried to run a similar program last time, the deal failed.  Also, there has been no word from Apple and eBay on this partnership so far.

Interested readers can check out the iPhone 5 deals from eBay. Notably, the discounted prices pertaining to the refurbished iPhone 5 models listed in eBay could save potential buyers $200 to $350, according to Phone Arena. Such arrangements from Apple, on their earlier products also corroborate the release of iPhone 6 slated for September.

Also note: These discounted deals would last based on the availability of the products. Therefore, interested buyers should jump at the opportunity.

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