Apple iPad Mini: Rumours, Release Date Speculations and Tumblr Images [PHOTOS]

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Reports on iPhone 5 rumours and leaks were not as far off as skeptics feared from the actual smartphone specs released by Apple last month. Now it is time for those anticipating the launch of iPad mini to check out the rumour mill.

Here is rumour roundup for those thinking of buying the iPad mini:

Production: A factory in Brazil has reportedly began production of the iPad mini.

Screen size: The iPad mini will reportedly feature a 7.85-inch screen. For e-book readers and frequent video viewers, this is a decent size for entertainment. Incidentally, the iPad mini will only be 7.2 mm in thickness, similar to the iPod Touch.

Processor: The iPad mini will be just like the iPad 2 on the inside, with a 32nm A5 processor and 512MB of RAM. Apps will operate smoothly on these specs.

Display: There seems to be little hope that Apple will have an Aspect Ration of 4:3 in its iPad mini. Retina Display is likely to be out of the picture, too. Rumours indicate the display measurements could wind up to 1152×768.

Rear camera: Purported images of the iPad mini feature a rear camera, but the specs have not been speculated on as much as the other details.

Connectivity: Some rumours say the iPad mini will provide for a 3G connection, but others guess it could be challenging. Only Wi-Fi is possible with Kindle Fire HD and the Nexus 7. If Apple could make 3G happen with the iPad mini, competition would be well on its favor.

Price: Looking into the existing Apple products could give a hunch on the iPad mini price range. In Australia, the new iPod Touch starts at $329.The new iPad starts at $539, while the iPad 2 is at $429. The price of the iPad mini will most likely be a bit more expensive than the Touch, and a bit cheaper than the iPad 2. It is also expected to be competitive to the price of Kindle Fire and Nexus 7. 

Release Date: The most consistent release date for the iPad mini is sometime in mid-October. Others have gone to as far as saying that Apple will send out invitations for a keynote on the first week of this month.

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