Apple iPad Mini 3 Release Roundup: July/September Release, Touch ID, 8MP Camera and More

By @peevesky on

Apple will be releasing a series of products this fall including the iPad Mini 3 according to reports. The tech giant often updates its hardware cycle every September or around fall introducing refreshed or all new versions of previous product categories. Aside from the much anticipated iPhone 6, the company will also reportedly be releasing a series of iPad tablets including the Mini 3 featuring a new TouchID experience and 8MP camera among others. 

Claims about the September release of the device arose when famed KGI Securities analyst, Ming Chi-Kuo predicted Apple's iPad release around September. Production should start around July. The analyst also said that there could be another iPad Mini version. Apple usually releases around the third quarter so there is a big possibility for the product to come up around that time. 

According to a report by The West Side Story, the iPad Mini 3 will also reportedly be offered at around $400 while the iPad Air 2 around $500. Unless Apple introduces a major change then the price for the Mini edition may change. 

In an leak by (via MacRumors), people can now see a glimpse of what the next iPhone, iPad Air and iPad Mini will look like. According to the leaked photo, the iPad Mini 3 may sport the Touch ID system found on the iPhone 5s.  

According to analysts, the iPad Mini 2 did not deliver what many iPad fans promised. Kuo even noted that Apple may bring a number of revisions to the design of the third installment to bring back the solid and beautiful appeal attributed to the original slate. 

Apple will reportedly stick to the 7.9-inch screen of the series offering 2048×1536 resolution. It will also run on the iOS 8 which Apple promised to be more open. Previously, MacRumors also indicated that some developers spotted a multitasking support to the tablet allowing people to open more apps in the screen. 

Apple has not confirmed anything but the multi-tasking support system promises to be a game changer.


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