Apple iPad 5 Rumors: Upcoming Device to Have a New Black Design and A7 Processor


Apple is anticipated to further enhance their numerous iOS gadgets for the year 2013 particularly with the upcoming iPad 5. Apple's iPad 5 is reported to have a new black design similar to the exterior features of the iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

With a rumored launch of the iPad 5 in 2014, the Apple team is definitely working fast and hard to incorporate an iPhone/iPad mini look with the upcoming device. This appears to be the technology course where Apple is headed when it comes to the design and style of their tablets. A fresh, thinner, lighter and less disorderly look of the iPad 5 will certainly attract more tablet enthusiasts.

Apple also appears determined in finding another manufacturer of the devices' processors in order to outshine their strong competitor, Samsung. It is also now working on locating a new A6X chip supplier.

Recent reports suggest that Apple might go for the "Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company" in quickly producing the A6X chips. If Apple is pleased with the company's outcome, then the technology team could possibly create the next-generation A7 processor for the iPad 5 as well as the iPad mini 2 approximately on June 2013.

The competition between Apple and Samsung will further heighten with this reported deal with TSMC. This could be a big break for the semiconductor company but Samsung will have to face Apple's competitive move as a massive strike.

Apple now has to ensure that the change of manufacturer will not affect the quality of the A6 or A7 processors for the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 otherwise Samsung may retaliate. However, it is still undetermined if the speculations are true unless an official statement from Apple will clarify the issue.

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