Apple iOS 8 vs Android 5.0 L: OS Wars Puts Android to Lower while Apple to Higher

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Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces the IOS 8 operating system
IN PHOTO: Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces the IOS 8 operating system during his keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California Reuters

The latter part of the years marks a much awaited period for both Google's Android and Apple's iOS 8. Both tech giants will be releasing their major OS updates clashing once more. Nonetheless, according to recent data from IDC, Android and iOS are separated even more with iOS related more to the higher market and Android gearing for the lower. What can people expect from the iOS 8 and the Android L? Who will dominate? 

The latest data from IDC (via Slash Gear) provided an insight on what people can expect from the smarpthone industry in the following years. According to the outlook, the "mature" smartphone market will not be growing as fast as it did previously. IDC also suggests that "Emerging markets" such as those in the Middle East, Asia/Pacific, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa have been growing but at a 32.4% growth year-over-year. 

In 2018, the data suggest that mature markets will even out. Emerging markets, on the other hand, have been growing faster than the mature one. Apple's part on this is has something to do with the larger iPhone. IDC suggests: "With the expected entry of Apple into this market segment, and the pent-up demand for a larger screen iPhone." 

"Apple has the ability to drive replacement cycles in mature markets despite the slower growth seen in recent quarters." The company added. Apple also has the means and resources to encourage higher-end sales. 

On Android, Ryan Reith, DC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker Program Director, offered: "The support that Google's Android platform has received from over 150 handset manufacturers has allowed it to gain the share it has in emerging markets." 

The restrictions on the hardware and software details have driven a number of low-cost products into the market. While this may be considered almost "junk," Google's Android One announcement seeks to change the trend. The company wants to establish the standards for the manufacturers to comply. 

Business Insider also pointed out that there is a difference from Android users to iPhone users. Initially, it appears that the main difference among these users has something to do with the prices of their devices. However, looking more closely once users settle in with their gadgets, it becomes even more apparent how they differ. While comScore data imply that Android users trump the number of iPhone users, people on iOS spend more time on their apps. More importantly, iOS also helps people make more money on the average. This is somehow expected because of Apple devices are mostly "high-end." 

Both Apple and Google are set to release their major OS updates this coming quarter. Apple will be releasing the iOS 8 while Google will be releasing Android L. 

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