Apple iOS 8 Release Roundup: June Release, Split-Screen Multitasking Support, HD Audio Playback

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Apple has been working on a new iOS feature that can enhance iPad productivity and offer better audio experience for users. The tech giant will reportedly release the new mobile operating system at the Worldwide Developers Conference this June. The iOS 8 will be released alongside the OS Mavericks 10.10. Previously, Apple indicated the company's focus will be on these two products during the upcoming event. Can the iOS 8 deliver better experience than before? 

According to 9to5Mac's report, Apple's upcoming iOS 8 will boost the iPad's functionality through the new split-screen multitasking feature. The site referenced sources knowledgeable of the development and production of the OS about the new feature. That is, users can work with two iPad applications simultaneously. Presently, people can only open one App Store or Apple-developed application in full view. 

The split-screen or multitasking support function in the upcoming iOS 8 takes after Microsoft's playbook. The Microsoft Surface 2 tablet allowed people to open two applications in landscape mode. The feature has given Microsoft a comparative advantage against the iPad. The same feature opened doors for Apple and what future tablet experience should be. 

Aside from the split-screen support, the latest feature will also allow programs or applications to interact conveniently with each other. For instance, a person can drag content, videos and images from one program to another. Apple has also been reportedly working on allowing developers to design their apps so that they can interact with other programs. 

The iOS 8 will not only supercharge the productivity of iOS devices but it also promises to deliver high quality audio experience. According to a report by CNET, the tech giant has been working on incorporating high-definition audio playback in the upcoming OS. The tip came from Japanese website Macotakara. Presently, the iOS 7 cannot work with high-quality 24-bit audio files that come with sampling frequency over 48 kHz. Apple has to do a few more tweaks before iOS devices can handle or play HD audio. 

Apple will be announcing the iOS 8 during the WWDC this June. More details should be provided during the event.

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