Apple iOS 8 New iMessage Feature: Make Phone Calls and Send SMSes From Mac; Death Knell to Network Carriers

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Mobile network carriers across the globe were not amused with the launch of Apple's iMessage service, introduced several years back. Owing to the fact that, network carriers were minting money with the help of their text messaging services or SMSes to customers, according to BGR.

Within a couple of years, there is an abundance of messaging services apps across various platforms like WhatsApp, Viber and WeChat, among others. All these messaging apps are easy to use, convenient to communicate and they keep the users online perpetually.

The only profit from such messaging services app to mobile network carriers is in the form of individual data plan or the internet usage. Hence the SMSes also known as the text messages via the mobile network carriers is one of the rarely used options nowadays. It is worth noting that, every messaging services app boasts billions of users across the globe.

Looking at the popularity of such external messaging services, Apple is trying to make an impact with the latest iOS 8 software and give nightmares to mobile network carriers.

As BGR rightly points out, the new iMessage features introduced in iOS 8 are similar to the existing and very prominent messaging apps. The highlights include simplified shoot and share videos, and very responsive voice messages, among others.

Although Apple is trying to make iMessage look as cool as other messaging services, the iMessage service does not support cross-platform. Whereas the other prominent messaging counterparts like WhatsApp and WeChat are cross-platform apps.

In addition to lifting some of the features from the popular messaging apps, Apple has introduced several new aspects as well. This includes making phone calls and sending SMSes straight from the Mac. It is worth noting that, this particular feature, although already existing in other prominent messaging apps, is still in nascent stage. Hence Apple is trying to capitalize on this potential area by introducing this feature in iOS 8.  

This is precisely the reason why mobile network carriers will have tough time ahead to counter this new feature from Apple and still stay afloat, says BGR.

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