Apple iOS 8 and iPhone 6 Details Emerge Ahead of WWDC 2014: What to Expect

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Apple Inc. (AAPL) will be holding its Worldwide Developers Conference this June in San Francisco. According to recent reports, the company plans to unveil its iOS 8 during the event. There will also be more details provided about the upcoming iPhone 6. With Apple's products soon to hit market, there is general concern if the company can get past competitors and maintain its market position. What can people expect? 

According to the company, the WWDC 2014 will run from June 2 to 6. Throughout the years, the event has become a venue for Apple to launch new SDKs and software applications to developers. This allows developers to tweak their new apps and existing programs to the software's specifications. This also gives developers the chance to work on updates before the release of the new operating system. 

The final launch of the software usually comes shortly following the beta release or successive versions. This is around July and August. Following a series of tweaks, Apple should release the final version through the iPhone 6 this September. Analysts believe the upcoming smartphone is the tried and tested way for the company to showcase the final edition of the OS. 

According to 9to5 Mac, Apple's iOS will go by the name Okemo. It will reportedly feature the following:

  • Healthbook - a feature that can acquire and present health and fitness data from different hardware accessories and applications. The application works like Passbook in terms of design and user-interface. Users can tweak the app to provide visual presentations of preferred health statistics.
  • Overhauled mapping software - the upcoming Maps application will reportedly feature better bus stop notation, labeling and cartography. It can also map out airports and train stations better. The app will also offer enhanced data presentation including public transit directions. Google has been offering the feature already but it should be a big change for Apple and its Maps application.
  • Voice over LTE - carrier sources hinted that the next iOS will have VoLTE support.
  • Messages - reports noted that Apple plans on including a feature that can delete Message threads automatically.

If these features will find their way in the iOS 8 then people can expect the iPhone 6 to feature them. Apple has yet to make official announcements about the exact features of the iOS 8 and iPhone 6. 

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