Apple iOS 8, iPad Air 2 to Feature Split-Screen Multitasking and More During 2014 WWDC

By @peevesky on

Apple has been gearing up for the release of the iOS 8 and the iPad Air 2. According to recent information, Apple has been working on incorporating a new feature for the iOS 8. The latest feature has been developed using the full-size 9.7-inch iPad model. The iPad Air was included although there are no details suggesting if the feature will be accessible through the 7.9-inch iPad Mini. 

According to a report by 9to5Mac, Apple has been developing a new feature that allows people to drag images, text or video easily across different applications. Previously, people cannot multitask as much as they want to with the iOS. The operating system was limited. People can only work across the standard background functions especially for applications developed under Apple. Multitasking support was not available until the company released iOS 4. 

The iPhone OS 4.0 gave developers the chance to run particular background processes. However, iOS still cannot show multiple applications simultaneously. This limits the iPad to "unitasking" especially when viewing content. 

According to a report by Apple Insider, Microsoft Surface tablet offers an excellent multitasking feature allowing people to check multiple applications simultaneously and fix them into slots according to the size of the tablet's screen. The website tested the Surface 2 in the fall of last year. According to the report, the tablet's ability to run the two applications has been an advantage over the iPad. Users can be more productive with the Surface than with the iPad. 

However, the dual-window multitasking on the Surface can only accommodate two applications. It also limited to landscape format. Users have to open applications on the left and right side because the screen is very narrow to be in portrait mode. 

With Apple's new system, analysts expect the iPad to offer better multitasking support. The tech giant is expected to release the iOS 8 during the Worldwide Developers Conference this June.

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