Apple iOS 8: Five Fresh Features to Expect on WWDC

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With World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) scheduled on June 2, many have placed high hopes that Apple will launch iOS 8 during the event.

CNET has placed iOS 8 on its list of sure bets among other things to expect during the weeklong event. Here are some fresh features to expect from this operating system.

Health and Fitness Monitoring

According to an article from Gotta Be Mobile, iOS 8 will reportedly include a Healthbook app which will track the user's health data. It is expected that the feature will use the Motion M7 processor in the iPhone 5s and in the rumored iPhone 6. This feature could reportedly collate fragmented health gadgets and apps similar to Apple Passbook which is a hub for tickets and gift cards.

Siri Enhancement

CNET mentioned that iOS 8 will have the enhancements of the digital assistant Siri. It will reportedly notify users that title of the song played over their device through the Shazam integration. Siri will also be able to function better with other third-party apps installed in the user's device.

Additional CarPlay features

The above-mentioned source also cited the possibility of iOS 8 having additional features on CarPlay. This feature allows users to simply access maps and audio on the touch screen located at the car's dashboard. It had previously launched iOS 7.1 and maybe looking forward for wider integration of applications.

Maps Overhaul

Several online sources have also placed emphasis on Apple's need to overhaul the Maps application on iOS 8. It is expected that this feature will include public transit information.

Stand-alone iTunes

Various sources have also cited that iOS 8 will have stand-alone iTunes Radio for users to listen to music. Apple could possibly introduce music subscriptions into this feature to cash in more dollars into the company's coffer.

Meanwhile, the much rumoured split-screen feature of iOS 8 will not yet push through on WWDC according to a Twitter post from Brian X. Chen of The New York Times. He wrote: "I've been told that the split-screen feature for iOS 8 isn't ready yet and won't be shown at WWDC. Still a work in progress."

Apple has remained tight lipped about the various speculations surrounding iOS 8. But with WWDC just a few more days to go, high hopes and surprises are expected to unfold during the event.

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