Apple iOS 8 Beta 1 Now Available for Download; Rules and Installation Guide Listed

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The Cupertino based company Apple unveiled its iOS 8 OS yesterday in WWDC 2014. There are quite a lot of changes and enhancements announced so far and this post concentrates on the steps involved to download iOS 8 Beta 1 version.

According to BGR, the company announced that the beta version of its iOS 8 OS will be available for download, specific to developers by the end of the announcement day. At this point in time, the mobile operating system iOS 8 Beta 1 is now available in Apple's iOS developer portal for download. The specific build number pertaining to iOS 8 Beta 1 is 12A4265u.

Users with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that are compatible with the recent software release can now download the OS to their devices. The iOS 8 has brought in an assortment of changes, enhancements and brand new features. In addition, this new OS has several new APIs in the offing.

What is this Beta Version?

Beta denotes that the software or the hardware product is in 'testing phase.' And Apple's beta program is the start for developers to create apps for the new mobile operating system, before it launches the finished product to the general public.

Who can Download?

Apple users, developers and fans can sign up for the program and download the software. The sign up amount is US$99. Unlike the finished product/software, users might experience device/app crashes, bugs and glitches upon downloading the beta version of the latest software.

Interested readers with an iOS developer account can now visit Apple's portal and download iOS 8 Beta.


1.       As a rule of thumb back up the device before installing the beta version of iOS 8. The device can be backed up with the help of the latest version of iTunes. The other way is to use iCloud backup.

2.       In order to check if the device is compatible or not, head straight to Apple's support page for iPads and iPhones.

3.       The beta versions of software are meant for development devices registered with Apple's Developer Program. Unauthorized installation could make the device unstable and could cause warranty related issues.

4.       The registering and installation of this beta version gives the users the right to find and submit bug reports to Apple's bug tracker. This can be achieved by utilizing the in-built Bug Reporter app. The app can be located in the Notification Center of the device.

Installation Guide

1.       Log in with the Apple ID to get access to the beta software. After successful log in, the downloadable file should show up on IMZDL. Download the iOS 8 beta file specific to the particular Apple device.

2.       Now log in to iTunes and choose "Restore your iPhone" with the iOS 8 beta. In case of Macs, hold the Alt/Option key down when clicking on "Restore." In case of Windows, the Shift key should be pressed when clicking on "Restore."

3.       A file with the extension ".ipsw" should be available in the "Downloads" folder. This is the iOS 8 beta 1 installation file.

4.       It is worth noting that, like any other software download, the iOS 8 beta 1 installation will drain the battery of the device. 

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