Apple iOS 7.1.1 Update to Fix Bugs Rolled Out by iOS 7.1

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iOS 7.1, the first major update to Apple's iOS 7 software, has been released for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models in March.

Although the features and enhancements were brought in by iOS 7.1, software update was praised by critics and users alike. There were many complaints from the users after the update.

iOS 7.1.1 Update

According to 9to5mac, Apple is gearing up to a bug fix (update) to iOS 7.1 called iOS 7.1.1. The Web site saw countless visits from areas around Apple's campus. Apparently, the devices were running on iOS 7.1.1 as shown in their analytics. In all likelihood, the increase in views indicates the bug fix update will come over-the-air to all Apple devices shortly. The Web site also indicated iOS 8 testing inside Apple has also seen a considerable increase in its analytics.

Here is a list of bugs compiled by CNet, introduced after upgrading to iOS 7.1:

1. Battery Drain Issue

Every time Apple sends out its software update, users are bogged down by perennial battery drain issues and the situation was no different. Many users complained of their sudden reduction in battery life once they updated their device to iOS 7.1.

2. Fingerprint Scanner Malfunction

After upgrading to iOS 7.1, many users complained the Apple's touchID (fingerprint scanner) did not work as expected by not recognizing the users' fingerprint.

3. Disabled Bluetooth And Wi-Fi

Fewer users complained the iOS 7.1 update causing their iPhones to disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity completely. For some users, however, the Bluetooth disconnected sporadically.

4. Bluetooth Pairing (in Cars) And Device Volume Issues

A good bunch of users have complained the iOS 7.1 update has caused Bluetooth connectivity and synchronization problems, especially when using mobile devices in their cars. Upon making a hands-free call, many users realized that the audio is not routed via Bluetooth. Also, iPad volume jammed after upgrading to iOS 7.1.

5. Personal Hotspot Problems

Several users found out the personal hotspot APN settings were not getting saved after iOS 7.1 update. This issue was quite prevalent with iPhone 4 but not with any other models.

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