Apple iOS 7.1: Not a Crash Kid Anymore; Significantly Less 'App Crashes' Reported, Time to Upgrade?

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iOS 7.1 software update from Apple has shown some of the interesting features, bug fixes and performance improvements.

But there is an additional advantage to upgrade to iOS 7.1. iPhone and iPad users observed significantly less "app crashes" with iOS 7.1 when compared to Apple's earlier versions.

One of the most frustrating things about using an iPhone, iPad or even iPod Touch got to the unprecedented app crashes. Although there are many reasons an app could crash, it makes the device slowdown or even unusable at time for various reasons. Hence this update comes handy.

Also, there is a reason this interesting news is reported a week after iOS 7.1 update was released. Users, testers/developers and performance monitoring firms have been observing this trend for about a week now and have confirmed the same. So Apple fan boys and cheer girls got a reason to rejoice.

According to performance monitoring firm Crittercism, the crash rate of apps with iOS 7.1 software update is 1.6 percent. While the crash rates are way above 2 percent for iOS 7, iOS 6.1 and the earlier versions.

But the total rate of reported app crashing with iOS 7 is 2.1 percent is lower than the iOS 6 or 6.1 versions with a reported bug causing a reboot of systems when using iOS 7, Recode said.

During the advent of iOS 7.1 release, Apple claimed the new release would address crash issues and performance issues.

If reports were true, both Crittercism and Chitika claimed Apple users are embracing iOS 7.1 swiftly. While Chitika said the number of iOS 7.1 devices accessing its ad network is 12 percent less than 2 days after iOS 7.1's release.

While most of the iOS 7.1 users are the users upgrading from iOS 7, a considerable number of iOS 6 users are also migrating to iOS 7.1. It looks like Apple struck the right chord with the users with its iOS 7.1 release.

But Crittercism acknowledged Apple has reduced the app crash rate gradually with every new version of iOS release over the past two years since both iOS 6 and iOS 6.1 saw apps crash more frequently than either of the iOS 7 releases, Recode noted.

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