Apple iOS 7 Already? No iPhone 5s?

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Application developers found something odd in their app usage logs which referenced to a new iPhone identifier - iPhone 6.1 with iOS 7 operating system.

The iPhone 5 bears the identifiers iPhone 5.1 and iPhone 5.2 which runs the iOS 6 firmware version. The IP address originated within Apple's Cupertino headquarters, providing a hint that the new iPhone may not be called iPhone 5s after all.

Nothing yet is confirmed about any additional details aside from its logs and the validity of its references is not yet confirmed. But the idea of such identifiers indicates that another iPhone version is currently under development and being testing presumably.

Still, no known features from the next iPhone or the next iOS version is confirmed. iPhone 5 was released last September 2012 and rumors that the new iPhone will be released in mid-2013.

Meanwhile, a bug from an iPhone 5 feature called "Do Not Disturb" persisted after the New Year of 2013. The feature allows call diversion to voicemail and follows a scheduled turn on and turns off system.

The bug causes the device not to initiate the "turn off" part of the "Do Not Disturb" feature and makes calls be diverted to the voicemail or the phone won't even ring. The bug feature is not affecting all iOS 6 users and there is no confirmation if it only affects iOS 6 native devices such as iPhone 5, iPad 4 and iPad mini.

Apple has encountered previous problem over its Daylight Savings Time or DST setting in October and November of 2012 and what is puzzling about the persisting issues about it is that iOS is built on top of Unix which has a good date handling system.

Date bugs also affected the Zune and briefly on Android, but it was quickly fixed with a patch.

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