Apple iOS 7 Adoption Surges for iOS 8, iPhone and iPads Achieve 90 and 80 Percent

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Prior to Apple's announcement of the iOS 8, the current iOS 7 has seen a surge in adoption rate. According to the latest research, the adoption rate of iOS 7 increases significantly for regions such as Canada and the United States. The number of users switching to iOS 7 continues to rise as iPhone and iPad users prepare for the rollout of the iOS 8. Despite the iOS 8's release in fall, the number of users making the switch provide a good insight on what Apple can expect upon its release of the new OS and possibly with its other releases. 

According to the ad networks analytics unit of Chitika, Chitika Insights, around 89.7 percent of North America's iPhone Web traffic came from devices running the iOS 7. The number of iPads recorded is lower but still significant at 84.8 percent. The figures for Apple's tablet also show iPad's growth more than it did over the last three months. 

The firm conducted another study earlier in February revealing that 83.3 percent of iPhone handsets were operating with iOS 7. That is a 5.4 increase in the last quarter concluding last May. There were also 6.3 percent more iPad owners using the iOS 7 at the end of May jumping from 78.5 percent to 84.8 percent according to the study. 

Chitika revealed that compared to 2013, there were more iPhone users running the iOS 6 before the introduction of the iOS 7. That is, 92.7 percent for iPhone users versus the 82.9 percent of iPad owners. According to Apple Insider, the data for iPad distribution may be such because of the series of releases from Apple. For instance, Apple released the iPad Mini Retina and iPad Air. The launch of the mid-range iPhone 5c may also be a factor especially since it encouraged handset penetration. 

Last June 2, Apple also revealed the details about its upcoming iOS 8. Some the features include:

  • Home Kit - feature allowing users to integrate iOS devices more with their smart devices at home.
  • Predictive Keyboard
  • Family Sharing - better way for parents to control in-app purchases of children
  • iCloud Drive - similar to Goolge Drive and Dropbox
  • Continuity - integrating iOS and Mac devices better

There are also other improved features like the TouchID and the App Store. According to Apple's Tim Cook, the iOS 8 offers "great user features and incredible developer features."

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