Apple Inc's New Mac Commercial Uses iPhone 5S Footage; Adweek Compares Apple and Microsoft Super Bowl Ad

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(Source: Youtube/Apple)

As Apple Inc commemorated 30 years of Macintosh in January, rumours had begun to spread that the company will release a Super Bowl ad which is reminiscent of the desktop computer's 1984 commercial. Apple might use the Super Bowl again to pay homage to its famous desktop computer.

While Apple Inc did not show the ad in honor of Macintosh at the Super Bowl, the company chose to post a new commercial on its YouTube channel and called it "1.24.14."

Instead of professional cameras and lighting equipment, the ad uses images and scenes shot using the iPhone 5S, the latest iPhone version launched in 2013. The commercial used footage filmed in one day, Jan 24, which marked the 30th year of the Mac.

On that same day 30 years ago, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs introduced the MacIntosh in a shareholder's meeting not far from the company's current headquarters in Cupertino. Video footage from 15 different locations in five continents were "beamed in real time via satellite" to a Los Angeles command center.

The new Mac commercial was directed by Jake Scott, the son of Ridley Scott who directed Apple's 1984 Mac ad shown in the Super Bowl.

Key personnel were deployed in Melbourne to Los Angeles to document people doing "amazing things" with Apple Inc products. Over 70 hours of footage was shot with the iPhone 5S. The ad used the original Mac commercial's soundtrack.

In a Forbes report, Apple's commercial was compared to Microsoft's which aired during the Super Bowl. According to Adweek, Microsoft's ad "tugs at the hearstrings more" but the Apple commercial tells more about the company's products and what people have done with them.

Adweek remarked that Microsoft may be sending viewers the message that it is making the world a better place but those who have watched the Apple ad may be reminded that Apple Inc already made the world better. 

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