Apple Inc. is Sexualizing Breastfeeding

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Mothers breastfeed their children during a breastfeeding flash mob demonstration at a public place in Hong Kong June 14, 2014. The group urged the government to establish a breastfeeding policy to protect the rights of nursing mothers, the organizer said in a press release. REUTERS/Bobby Yip

Apple Inc. rejects a breastfeeding app submitted by The Alpha Parent blogger due to pictures of babies suckling their mother's breast.

Blogger for the breastfeeding website The Alpha Parent created a new breastfeeding cellphone app that features an interactive edition of the blog titled The Timeline of a Breastfed Baby.

The app was designed as "a dynamic on-the-go breastfeeding resource for busy moms who needed accessible support at their fingertips," the blog reads.

The same app was approved by Google for its Android market.

"Snootypants Apple - makers of ipads, iphones and iattutude problems - didn't like the app. Turns out, they just don't like boobs being associated with kids. Presumably, these guys would only know a breast if it poked them in the eye at a strip joint," the blog said.

Apparently, Apple found the pictures of babies suckling their mothers' breast inappropriate as per the company's App Store Review Guidelines section 3.6 which states that:

"Apps with app icons and screenshots that do not adhere to the 4 age rating will be rejected."

The blogger researched for other breastfeeding apps available via Apple. She found out that Apple features other breastfeeding apps with a 12 rating with the warning of "Mild Sexual Content."

"It appears, the boys at Apple don't think anyone below the age of 12 can cope with viewing a nursing mother (yet strangely, I know plenty folk under the age of 1 that have no issue with it)," the blogger wrote.

The blogger re-designed her app, chose the category "Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information" and re-submitted her application. This category raised the app to a 12 rating.

Apple rejected the app once again but this time its reason was made crystal clear - "they were not happy that the images featured breastfeeding and that people would *OMFG* them when they browsed the app store."

The blogger this time changed the pictures shown on the main menu of the app with a picture not showing breastfeeding. Apple finally approved the breastfeeding app.

The call to normalize breastfeeding is getting louder day after day and supporters for the campaign #FreeTheNipple continue to double in number.

Just recently, Facebook modified its review reports of nudity and excluded photos of breastfeeding mothers.

"What we have done is modified the way we review reports of nudity to help us better examine the context of the photo or image. As a result of this, photos that show a nursing mothers' other breast will be allowed even if it is fully exposed, as will mastectomy photos showing a fully exposed other breast," spokesperson for Facebook told DailyDot.

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