Apple Inc Q2 Earnings Predictions Reveal Low iPad Sales; Apple Celebrates Earth Day with Green-Themed Stores

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A day before Apple is due to reveal its earnings report for Q2 FY 2014, Fortune magazine has compiled the company's predictions from 37 analysts.

An average of $43.5 billion was the expected earnings, closer to the high end of Apple's March quarter guidance. According to reports, analysts have previously predicted Apple's iPhone sales to reach $38.19 million or a two percent increase on a year-to-year comparison.

Analysts had lower expectations for iPad as they predicted sales of only $19.3 million for the March quarter. Apple will have a "small" decline based on year-to-year figures.

In January 2014, Apple's iPhone shipments were lower than expected. The March quarter guidance may also prove to be below investor and analyst expectations.

According to Forbes, iPhone and iPad sales may decline "more than normal," but this will be partially countered by Apple's high gross margin. Analysts expected Apple's gross margin to be above the mid-point of guidance.

If analysts' estimates turned out to be accurate once Apple releases its earnings report on April 23, the company might be pressured to launch new products. Investors and analysts are already looking forward to Apple's guidance for Q3.

In the Q2 earnings call in 2013, Apple CEO Tim Cook has promised "great stuff" in 2014. If Apple is planning to launch a new product in the first half of 2014, analysts believe it should be reflected in the June quarter guidance.

Apple Celebrates Earth Day 2014 With Green Logos, New Tim Cook-voiced Video

In recognition of the Earth Day, Apple has updated its environmental site with the latest news about the company's various green projects. The company made a video with a narration by Tim Cook discussing about how the company's philosophy to make better products also matches its commitment to be responsible for the environment.

Apple's Lisa Jackson, vice-president of environmental initiatives and former Environmental Protection Agency director, drafted a letter echoing Cook's environmental stand. In the letter, Jackson noted Apple strives to make not only the best products in the world but also "for the world."

In its latest green initiatives, the company will be focusing on climate change and its plans to manage Earth's finite resources.

Apple hopes it can improve the "environmental friendliness" of its facilities after the company's new spaceship campus is done. To celebrate Earth Day, Apple has updated some of its retail stores with green leaves while Apple store employees wear green shirts. 

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