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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is still at number one in UBS Quality Growth at a Reasonable Price List (Q-GARP) of stocks to buy, making the company maintain its seat as the top stocks in terms of dividends.

UBS' list focuses on stocks that are more beneficial to the investors while backing away from costly and risky stocks.

To come up with the list, UBS employs an initial quantitative analysis of stocks founded on the following:

  • quality metrics - high and stable profitability
  • growth - high expected earnings growth
  • valuation - low valuation relative to peers

With this, only stocks trading at attractive valuations made up the final list from UBS.

According to UBS, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) stocks will be augmented because of the significant enthusiasm about the new iPhone 6 which reportedly has bigger display screen.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) stocks is trading at just 12 times forward earnings, the stock remains a solid buy for investors.

Trading Shareholders are paid a 2.3 per cent dividend.

The UBS price target for the technology giant is $625. The Thomson/First Call consensus price target for Apple is $591.52.

The significant boost on Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) stocks can still be attributed to the iPhones, as pointed out by Morgan Stanley Asia tech Analyst, Jasmine Lu.

Ms Lu said that Apple Inc.'s supply chain is expected to produce 38 to 39 million of iPhones for the second quarter of the fiscal year.

On the other hand, another Morgan Stanley analyst, Katy Huberty said that her AlphaWise Smartphone Tracker shows demand of 42 million iPhones based on the following:

·         Supply chain production tends to lead Apple's revenue recognition, so as iPhone production declines from its peak in C4Q13, demand could outstrip supply.

·         New U.S. carrier promotions in C1Q14 driving incremental demand vs. late 2013 when carriers strictly enforced their 24-month contract terms.

  • Similarly, several large U.S. retailers ran iPhone promotions this quarter, including Walmart and Best Buy.

The data obtained by AlphaWise Smartphone Tracker also showed that shipments are ahead of estimates not only for the iPhone but for the smartphone market as a whole.

And although CEO Tim Cook had previously said that demand from North America is weak, Ms Huberty said that demand in the region was actually improving because of carrier and retailer promotions.

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