Apple Inc Investors and Options Traders Expect Stock to Bounce Back; Apple Leads Samsung in U.S.

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Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) dropped 1.7 per cent at $522.66 as of April 7 as U.S. tech stocks continued to slide in the stock market. Despite the continued fall, options traders still expects the iPhone maker to bounce back as indicated weekly call options, according to analyst reports.

Options traders are positive that the new products of Apple Inc will drive the world's most valuable company after it bounced back from its worst monthly loss in 12 months. Options on Apple have never been cheaper in over two years in relation to the Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund based on Bloomberg's data.

Reports said that Apple Inc shares lost 4.3 per cent last quarter which includes a drop of 11 per cent in January. Apple investors are betting on the company's new products including the iPhone 6, the rumoured iWatch and Apple TV to keep share price afloat.

Apple is expected to release its first quarter figures on April 23. Piper Jaffray's price target for Apple is at $640. Munster expects a growth of 5 per cent for Apple in year-over-year by June, which is lower compared to the Wall Street's 10 per cent projection.

The analyst cited iPhone 6 will have a bigger screen than the current iPhones sold worldwide. This will be Apple's "key selling point" and may drive the stock price higher if investors find it innovative.

Apple stock could increase by 20 per cent in 2015. iPhone 6 is set to be rolled out in the summer or fall. Barron's had previously said it is certain that Apple's latest iPhone will have a bigger screen compared to its 4-inch predecessors.

Apple leads in U.S. smartphone market share

In a recent survey by comScore, Apple Inc remains the biggest smartphone vendor in the U.S. with 41. 3 per cent compared to Samsung's 27 per cent. Apple may have seen its lead over Samsung become smaller. However, the trend becomes part of the usual ebb and flow of the product cycle.

Apple Inc's market share in the U.S. smartphone market remains between 40 to 41 per cent. The company has held the same range since July 2013. Google's Android OS is leading with a market share between 51.5 per cent and 52.4 per cent. 

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