Apple Inc Expected to Do Great in 2014 as iOS7 Adoption Rate Climbs to 78%; iPhone Users Hailed the 'Smartest'

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Apple Inc's iOS7 now runs on 78 per cent of iPhones, iPod touch and iPads based on official data on the company's latest mobile OS version. The number of devices running on iOS7 has increased from 74% earlier in Dec. 2012.

Since iOS7 already has the greater share of Apple mobile devices, iOS6 continues to run on 18 per cent of iPhones, iPads and iPod touch. The increase in iOS7 usage came from iOS6 users deciding to switch to iOS7 on their devices.

The latest Apple OS was only released for public download in the middle of September. The latest figures reaffirm the quick adoption rate of Apple Inc's latest operating system.

Apple OS rival Android pales in comparison with Android 4.4 KitKat running in only 1.1 per cent of total active Android devices. Google has not updated its Android statistics since Dec. 2. A greater percentage of Android users still use the Jelly Bean version of Android while 24 per cent use devices that run on Gingerbread, an old Android OS released in 2011.

2014 a 'must watch' year for Apple

Apple expert John Gruber described the successful adoption of the iOS7 as a bold move towards an era without former CEO Steve Jobs leading the way. Mr Gruber said Steve Jobs loved the iOS6 design but Jony Ive totally revamped the look of iOS7 which has a brighter color scheme with "flatter" and simpler icons.

With the official announcement of the Apple-China Mobile deal, Apple analysts have remained optimistic for the company in 2014. They know what it means for Apple Inc to get the China Mobile deal. The Cupertino-based tech giant will have access to China Mobile's 759 million customers which will mean more sales and greater market share.

Apple Inc has topped Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster's list of best stocks to watch out for in 2014 with a $640 price target.

Analysts at Jefferies have agreed with others in increasing their long-term predictions and price targets for Apple Inc. Jefferies analyst Peter Misek has raised his price target of Apple shares from $600 to $650 based on his survey in the current quarter.

iPhone owners smartest of them all in Test of Wits

Apple smart phone owners were hailed the smartest, based on a Test of Wits sponsored by British betting company, Ladbrokes. For the sake of research, 2000 smart phone owners were asked to answer questions or "brain teasers" that will evaluate how sharp and quick they are in coming up with solutions.

Before the participants were asked to answer the Test of Wits, they were asked to state the manufacturer of their device. According to the Daily Mail, iPhone owners emerged as the smartest by answering 5 seconds faster than those who own a non-Apple phone.

Following the Apple users were owners of Google Nexus with Blackberry in last place. The test has no time limit since participants were allowed to remain in one question until they get the answer right.

Samsung phone owners came in third place followed by HTC and Nokia in fourth and fifth place respectively.

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