Apple Inc Devices Used More by Data-Hungry Customers; iPhone 5S Owners Beat Samsung S4 Users

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Apple Inc devices may not have the biggest market share than Android worldwide but a new report reveals iPhone and iPad owners do more with their gadgets. According to a survey by analytics company Arieso, iPhones and iPads were the most used in downloading data in 2013. The survey does not include data on the iPad Air which was launched after the survey ended.

Arieso found that iOS users tend to consume more data with each new version of the iPhone and iPad since the latest generation of devices have become increasingly capable. iPhone 5S owners use 19 per cent more data than iPhone 5 users.

Samsung's latest flagship handset is the Galaxy S4 but it is beaten by Apple's iPhone 5S in terms of data usage. iPhone 5S owners use 41 per cent more data than S4 owners. In developing markets, 54 per cent of data usage comes from iPhone 5S users.

Arieso reported that iPhone 5S users consumer seven times more data as the survey's benchmark iPhone 3G in developed markets. As mobile operators continue to provide faster Internet speeds, the more consumers demand more data. This trend has been observed in most Apple users.

iOS Adoption rate may be a factor in increasing data usage

Apple Inc's iOS7 runs on 78 per cent of iPhones, iPod touch and iPads based on official data on the company's latest mobile OS version. The number of devices running on iOS7 has increased from 74% earlier in Dec. 2012.

Since iOS7 already has the greater share of Apple mobile devices, iOS6 continues to run on 18 per cent of iPhones, iPads and iPod touch. The increase in iOS7 usage came from iOS6 users deciding to switch to iOS7 on their devices.

The latest Apple OS was only released for public download in the middle of September. The latest figures reaffirm the quick adoption rate of Apple Inc's latest operating system.

Apple OS rival Android pales in comparison with Android 4.4 KitKat running in only 1.1 per cent of total active Android devices. Google has not updated its Android statistics since Dec. 2. A greater percentage of Android users still use the Jelly Bean version of Android while 24 per cent use devices that run on Gingerbread, an old Android OS released in 2011.

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