Apple Inc. Allegedly Stole Slogan from Artist for iPhone 5S Ad; Australian Man Sues Apple for Stealing CarPlay Idea

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Apple Inc has been accused of stealing artwork from an artist in New York City. According to New York Daily News, artist James de la Vega has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Apple involving the company's use of a slogan he allegedly trademarked.

The slogan in question was used in Apple's ad campaign for the iPhone 5S. According to Mr de la Vega, it has been almost a decade since he last used the alleged trademarked slogan, "You aremore powerful than you think." He said the slogan was part of his street art series titled Become Your Dream. 

The New York artist who accused Apple of stealing was a fine arts graduate from Cornell University. He has done chalk drawings on sidewalks and has painted the slogan into murals. He did a graffiti motif for designer Tory Burch for use in a line of handbags and accessories.

De la Vega believes Apple Inc was aware of the fact that the slogan belonged to him when the iPhone 5S ad campaign was done. The iPhone 5S ad highlights the phones features and demonstrates how users can make videos, record concerts, move robots and launch rockets. With the song Gigantic by The Pixies playing during the commercial, the slogan appears while the narrator speaks.

The artist's letter demanded that Apple acknowledge that it has violated his trademark. The letter also said Apple's use of the slogan "clearly misleads consumers" into believing the artist supports Apple products.

De la Vega also expressed his interest in negotiating a settlement for Apple to avoid a lawsuit.

Australian man accuses Apple of stealing car play system

Meanwhile, Tony Magrathea from Dicky Beach, Queensland, is planning to sue Apple for allegedly stealing his idea to stop drivers from using mobiles. He is currently seeking legal advice and is looking for a lawyer to take on Apple Inc.

Magrathea claimed Apple has stolen his idea for both an ignition and recording-linked device that can "shut-off" the call and text features of a mobile phone. He believes the iPhone maker found his idea through his Facebook posts and letters to hundreds of news sources, according to the Sunshine Daily Coast.

The 57-year-old said he was motivated to put his ideas on paper when he read about the case of a teenager who was charged for the death of a Taiwanese fruit picker while driving. The teen was using her phone while she was driving when she hit the man accidentally and killed him in the process.

In April, Apple Inc had announced the CarPlay system that would prevent drivers from using their phones while driving. The system will integrate iPhones with the car's entertainment and communication tools. The vehicle's navigation system will be connected to Apple's mapping app.

Magrathea said he was not afraid to take on the world's most valuable company and its huge amount of cash. He has already filed a legal complaint and has yet to receive a response from Apple. 

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