Apple Hiring of Fitness, Sleep Experts Linked to iWatch Rumours

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Apple has recently advertised for a User Studies Exercise Physiologist, with the applicant expected to have knowledge in creation and conduct of studies related to cardiovascular fitness and energy expenditure such as calories burned, metabolic rate, aerobic fitness level and measurement/tracking.

The hiring of the expert, reported first by 9to5Mac, followed another report that the Cupertino-based tech giant is creating a new dedicated health app called Healthbook.  The Web site said the app could possibly be included in Apple's next major iOS roll out, the iOS 8.


Apple has reportedly pirated a sleep research expert from Philips and company officials are meeting with the Food and Drugs Administration which confirms its plan to foray into health and fitness products.

It has been speculated in various media accounts that the so-called iWatch would have biometric sensor, the first such device to be launched in the wearable device market.

Although Apple usually does not confirm speculations about upcoming devices, Apple CEO Tim Cook has been quoted as saying that the wrist is interesting and a natural place for wearable technology.

TechCrunch, however believes it would take Apple quite some time to release the speculated iWatch since the company is known for perfecting devices before it rolls out the gadget.

Other tech giants such as Samsung and Google are also into smartwatches.

In another TechCrunch article, Gregory Ferenstein listed two things that a Google-built smartwatch that would track vital signs and movement need. These are the ability to analyse data from different wearable devices and mine it for health patterns.

He forecast also that in the future, health devices would be able to assess productivity and eating habits of a wearer. One such device, the Muse, a brain-wave sensing headband, is already available and can monitor a person's level of concentration throughout the day.

By a Google watch syncing with the Muse, the wearer would be informed of the level of focus and help him or her decide whether  to engage in physical activity or sleep, depending on the body's need.

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