Apple HealthKit: Five Fresh Things Revealed at WWDC 2014

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Apple unveiled its HealthKit among other things during the keynote address of the 25th Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC) at Moscone West Convention Center, San Francisco, California.

The company's Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook and Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi revealed a number of information about the new product category. Here are five fresh things about Apple's HealthKit which were revealed during the keynote address.

Bundled with iOS 8

According to Federighi, HealthKit is bundled with iOS 8 and will appear as "Health" app on the iPhone screens. The app will provide users with easy-to-access dashboard about their collective health data.

Monitor of Health and Fitness Status

Apple announced that HealthKit will be able to monitor all health and fitness metrics such as heart rate, weight, and even chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. This will allow users to easily access their real-time health data on a daily basis and at the same time monitor their fitness trend over time.

Hub for Health and Fitness Data

According to Apple SVP Craig Federighi, the HealthKit is a hub for all health and fitness data where users can get a comprehensive picture of their status. He stated: "HealthKit provides a single place that applications can contribute to a composite profile of your activity and health." This feature allows users to have better picture of the otherwise fragmented information of their health information. This way, users can have their own personalized fitness goals that they wanted to achieve over certain a certain period.

Privacy Control

The company also mentioned that users can share their health and fitness information to third parties but also assured that the information stored in their iOS 8 devices is totally controlled to protect their privacy. This will give users a greater peace of mind knowing that they will have total control to whom they will share the data from their HealthKit.

Third Party Partnerships

Apple also revealed its partnerships with third party entities like Nike which has a long standing record of tight integration with the company. But a more stunning announcement revealed at the WWDC keynote was Apple's partnership with Mayo Clinic. Federighi explained that a patient taking a blood pressure reading automatically notifies the Mayo Clinic app which will also automatically determine the specific healthcare parameters threshold of the patient. The Mayo Clinic app will then proactively touch base with the hospital and notify the doctor. This way, users will be provided with a more timely care as doctors will be able to reach back to the patients.

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