Apple Health Kit: An Overview of its Health Features

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With health becoming an important aspect in one's life, on June 2, Apple announced its venture into the Health and Wellness industry. It launched a Health App as well as a cloud platform called HealthKit to share all information of the Health App in iPhones and iPads. In the Mac products, Apple decided to introduce the HealthBook.

Health issues are going from bad to worse and just at the right time, Apple decides to venture into it. With Apple being a popular brand and many people owning iPhones, iPads and Macbooks, and health being a priority for all, Apple expects a lot of users for this App as one can record their medical information as well as receive advice from doctors, says

The application will involve collecting the user's information on body metrics like blood pressure, heart rate, statistics on diet, exercise, calories burnt, cholesterol, sleep patterns, weight, lab results, blood alcohol content, body temperature, oxygen saturation, RR interval, and blood sugar to name a few. In case of the user of the application slipping from being healthy, the app sends a notification to the user's doctor.

The Health App will issue an emergency card called Medical ID in which the user feeds in information like medical conditions, medical notes, allergies, reactions and medications. This information can be accessed through the lock screen as well.

Apple has been working with doctors at Mayo Clinic as well as with a huge number of hospitals to gather information on how best can health features be incorporated into the application as well as how this information can be made available to the hospital information system.

Now, one has to wait and watch if this addition to the already wide range of applications in the App Store will lead to a healthier world.

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