Apple Gadgets Up For Grabs on Australia’s Black Friday Sale [PHOTOS]

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Today, technology giant Apple will be hosting a 24-hour in-shop and online sale for gadget consumers in Australia. The iPod Touch, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air including the Retina models are all offered with a lower price but the well-known iPhone is not listed on the discounted items.

Price discounts vary from about 4% to 26%. Leather iPad smart covers are the items with the greatest discount deal at a price of $58. The price of Apple's most recent fourth generation iPad was decreased by $41 to a price of $498 which gives the consumer a 7.6% savings while the iPad 2 with 16GB memory costs under $400.

Apple's sale has also concurred with the announcements of Australia's leading providers of mobile technology, Telstra and Optus, about the availability of 4G-capable versions of the latest iPad and iPad mini.

Telstra customers can purchase the fourth generation iPad on a range of plans with no upfront fee on a 24-month contract. A 16GB iPad 4 with 4GB of data per month costs $54 per month over 24 months at a minimum cost of $1296.

On the other hand, Optus is offering a 16GB iPad 4 with 2GB of data for $76.05 over 12 months or $48.00 over 24 months. Optus also declared that the cellular version of the iPad mini will be on sale soon.

The Australian Apple sale happens at the same time with the Black Friday shopping event across the United States that follows Thanksgiving. Australian consumers are anticipated to go online all night as they search for item bargains from the US retailers when the Black Friday begins there.

Meanwhile, the one-day sale experience has not been as upbeat this week in Australia. Consumers are now threatening to ditch the online shopping option after the Click Frenzy disaster. On Tuesday night, the flash sale website crashed as online shoppers tried to log on and search for a bargain.

The incident provoked retailers in strengthening their websites to avoid further humiliating meltdowns. Click Frenzy founder Grant Arnott apologized to the consumers after admitting that the website collapsed under the weight of millions of inquiries. The company promised to improve the website capacity for the upcoming Christmas season. Despite technical problems, flagship retailer Myer stated Click Frenzy still helped in generating record sales.

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