Apple Doc Confirms Key Specs Upgrades for iPhone 6 on Release Date? Top Priorities – Large-Screen, Long Battery Life & Under $300 Price Point

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The iPhone 6 on release date is huge jump both from the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5, basing on newly-revealed Apple documents that showed the tech giant's increasing worries over its existing iPhone business model.

These internal papers, according to Business Insider, came into light as Apple continues to pursue its over $2 billion patent war against Galaxy device maker Samsung. The documents were part of the mountain of evidences submitted by the iPhone maker.

Interestingly, as Apple builds up the case against its South Korean rival, the company also bared the prevailing economic case and consumer sentiments surrounding its flagship product. The assessment, almost on all fronts, seem to works against the current iPhone builds that involved the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

With the apparent iPhone weaknesses glaringly pointed out in the confidential Apple documents, it can be expected that major adjustments will attend the iPhone 6 - from planning to actual manufacturing.

And below are the likely bump ups for the next iPhone as Apple ramps up efforts to fight off the rising challenges coming from Android rivals, the siege mostly originating from Samsung:

Large-screen iPhone 6

All likely iPhone improvements will take the backseat, per the Apple evaluation papers, as Business Insider reported that number one priority is for the next iPhone to sport a screen dimension that can match or even exceed the phablet-size Android smartphones flooding the market.

If there is one confirmed iPhone 6 upgrade, it has to be a display panel that is bigger from the 4-inch iPhone 5S and it's safe to assume that Apple will also improve the upcoming handset's screen technology.

Apple fans can then expect the iPhone 6 to flaunt a screen size between 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch with Quantum Dot display tech, touted as better than Retina panel, to boot.

Below $300 price mark

The Apple papers reportedly affirmed that for the iPhone business to sustain its growth path, it needs to gain traction in the emerging markets where consumers are price-sensitive. The possibility of a sub-$300 was mentioned though it is unlikely that the unlocked iPhone 6 will retail that low.

More likely, Apple will target the $300 and $400 range for the basic model then lure buyers from fresh markets with premium features lumped with the device, perhaps convincing phone shoppers that they are getting the best features and technology available at reasonable pricing.

Extended battery hours and more

Experts have long been harping that smartphone use is mostly defined by its reliable operating hours. Longer of course is preferred and Apple appears to agree. In the iPhone 6, Apple should deliver more power juice with significant tweaks on the hardware and software that will be packed with the device. That would mean the next iPhone will have a higher battery rating, energy efficient processing chips and graphic engines plus an enhanced iOS 8.

Complaints on durability and app navigation concerns will also be addressed with marked improvements that will be brought by Liquidmetal casing, sapphire glass/coating and the re-coded Apple Maps.

These feature upgrades should come out of the box with the iPhone 6 release date, which is forecasted to happen between August and September 2014.

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