Apple to Ditch Samsung for New A9 Chip , TSMC Possibly Tapped for New A-processor for iPhone 7, iPad

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Craig Federighi, Apple Inc. Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Speaks on Stage During an Apple Event in San Francisco
Craig Federighi, Apple Inc. Senior Vice President of Software Engineering speaks on stage during an Apple event in San Francisco, California. Reuters Reuters

Apple's A7 chip set the bar for tech manufacturers as it introduced the 64-bit architecture. Now it sets to produce another power chip via the A9 processor. According to recent reports, TSMC has been working on the production of the chips including a new process called 16nm FinFET. This is to secure Apple's contract for the manufacture of the A9 chip. Will Apple leave Samsung for TSMC? 

Apple's A8 chip has not been released but reports about the A9 chip have already started surfacing. The information came from China-based Economic Daily News. According to the publication, previous reports about Samsung securing Apple's A9 orders may not be true. There were sources claiming that Samsung has been eyeing to move its process to 14 nanometers. 

AppleInsider notes that TMSC claims to be in the middle of working out a plan that can help increase production to 50,000 wafers monthly. There are no details about the size of the wafer. Nonetheless, TSMC has reportedly been using 16-nanometer test lines for 12-inch wafers. 

Previously, Apple has tapped TSMC to work on smaller components. For instance, the company has taken part in the production of the Touch ID sensors found on the iPhone 5s. However, it has not taken on manufacturing for the more important parts since Apple sources them out to Samsung all the time. It looks like things are about to change. 

In another report, the iPhone 6 is fast approaching with the rumor mill churning out as many details imaginable. Previously, it was reported that the device may sport a new Phosphorus HealthKit chip but users from MacRumors claimed that the leaked schematic does not reveal an "M8" motion coprocessor. Rather, the chip may be a barometric pressure sensor. 

Apple has not released the final details of the iPhone 6. The tech giant will reportedly launch the device September 9. 

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