Apple Debuts iPhone 5c via Tumblr: Unlikely Resort To Increase Handset’s Popularity?

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Apple has been known for being aloof when using social media platforms. The popular brand did not take its Twitter and Facebook pages seriously. This time, a surprising twist will be using Tumblr to promote iPhone 5c, its latest smartphone addition.

The Tumblr page called isee5c is already up for public viewing that features 15 second videos of advertisements, basically casings of iPhone 5c that plays in different songs. The page has a tagline, "Every color has a story."

At the end of the videos are titles in different languages; "Porte des Lilas," "Viva o Carnaval," "Showtime," "Enjoy the Show," and the newest as of this writing is "Skate date." There will be more to come since another video is still on the "Coming Soon" mode.

No report completely suggested Apple is behind the videos, according to 9TO5Mac. But it is unseemly for a supporter or a diehard fan to create a paid campaign for Apple's marketing purposes.

It is no secret that Apple thinks out of the ordinary and this Tumblr campaign is a strategic cooking. The brand has been an innovator for decades, and selling iPhone 5c in an uncostly and untraditional marketing campaign creating a buzz where users can even more benefit.

But reports said iPhone 5c sales is a failure although being introduced as wallet-friendly among other flagship brand products.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, admitted the demand of the phone turned out differently than expected, resulting to reduced manufacturing orders, as reported by

Being "plastic" majorly contributed to iPhone 5c's marketing campaign, and this might be something that consumers would rather not bite considering the very "high" expectations from the brand. The Tumblr advertisement may simply be to increase the popularity and demand of the endangered phone.

IPhone 5c, according to Apple, is the phone for the colorful. The device is designed to make a statement with powerful features. Specifications include A6 chip, 8 MP iSight camera, 4-inch Retina display, Ultrafast wireless LTE and runs with iOS 7. The stylish device has a price tag of around AU$709.95 for 16 GB and AU$719.95 for 32 GB in Australia.

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