Apple CarPlay Wows Another Carmaker

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The adoption of Apple's CarPlay for dashboard support is gaining traction. German carmaker Audi is the latest to announce the roll out of CarPlay-enabled vehicles next year.

According to the report by Liam Tung in Zdnet, Audi will be offering CarPlay in its new models from next year onwards.

Carmakers League

Leading automakers Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Jaguar, Honda and Hyundai are already in the fray with plans to bring in Apple CarPlay-equipped vehicles to market. Audi is one among the CarPlay list of 25 car manufacturers.

Audi will integrate CarPlay with its own built-in controls and touch system to reduce distraction for drivers while making calls or using maps and other apps while they are on the road.

Dynamics of CarPlay

According to a report in ExtremeTech, CarPlay will enable all common place functions such as making calls, checking contacts and playing music. The report by Bill Howard also looks at the value-added features of CarPlay. It will let users navigate only on the strength of the vendor's apps. In other words, only Apple's apps will work.

When CarPlay is engaged in the car, texts sent or received cannot be seen but can only be heard. Apple's digital assistant Siri will provide voice control in managing CarPlay.

In the case of apps on the phone that are not CarPlay certified, they can be accessed through Siri Eyes Free. The voice-only queries will go through the car's microphone and voice-only responses come through the car's speakers. The car's existing voice recognition will remain as a tool for communicating with the car's infotainment system when CarPlay is not at work.

Google Alliance

There is also one Google-led Open Automotive Alliance in which many car manufacturers are present including Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Honda and many more.

Microsoft Plan

In the realm of automotive systems, Microsoft was one of the early players. It had its Windows Embedded by major vehicle makers. But somehow the primacy of Microsoft has declined in the market of in-vehicle information systems. However, Microsoft is making some fresh efforts to make sure that its Windows Phone is not left out in this arena and is keen to show off its Cortana in future vehicle systems.

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