Apple is Below Toilet Paper Maker Andrex in UK Superbrands Survey Topped by British Airways

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Toilet paper
Toilet paper maker Andrex ranked higher than Apple in the latest superbrand survey among Britons. Vittorio Hernandez

Is the result of the 2014 Superbrands study an indicator of the continuous decline of the Apple brand?

Toilet paper maker Andrex ranked higher than Apple in the latest superbrand survey among Britons.

If the Cupertino-based tech giant's place on the roster is the basis, it would appear so, at least among the stiff upper-lipped Brits, because Apple tumbled down to14th place from 2nd. To make it worse, toilet paper maker Andrex is ranked higher than the manufacturer of the iconic iPhone and iPad at 12th place.


Topping the list for the first time is British Airways, which in 2011 stopped using it famous slogan The World's Favourite Airline. BA topping the list is partly due to the residual goodwill it got from being linked with the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, hosted by the British capital city.

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Rounding up the top 5 are watchmaker Rolex, soft drink icon Coca-Cola, news expert BBC and food manufacturer Heinz.

The bases of the listing are nominations from a group of independent experts and votes of almost 3,000 consumers.

Apple's noticeable slide in shareprice value started in 2011 after the death of co-founder Steve Jobs. More than two years after, the company has not returned to its peak share price amid challenges for the current leaders to come up with a revolutionary device such as the iPhone and the iPad that wowed the technology world, unlike the recent device releases that are just slight improvements from previous gizmos.


Stephen Cheliotis, chief executive of The Centre for Brands Analysis and chairman of the Superbrands Council explained, quoted by the Daily Mail, "Apple and the other tech giants have suffered, with Apple particularly struggling to meet arguably unrealistic high expectations. "

He added, "It is increasingly clear that in the short-term at least Apple is struggling to maintain its enviable innovation record in the eyes of consumers, while failing to inspire with individuals without its hugely influential leader, the late Steve Jobs."

That is why consumers are waiting for new products from Apple whose design chief, Sir Jonathan Ive, is a Briton.

Out of the top 20 this year are other famous brands such as Disney, Hilton, BP and Dulux, while moving up the roster are Gillette, Cadbury, Andrex, Nike and Shell.

Here is the complete list of the top 20 brands.

1. British Airways

2. Rolex

3. Coca-Cola

4. BBC

5. Heinz

6. Microsoft

7. Google

8. Gillette

9. Kellogg's

10. BMW

11. Cadbury

12. Andrex


14. Apple

15. Boots

16. Nike

17. Sony

18. Marks & Spencer

19. Shell

20. Mercedes-Benz

At least Apple's rival, South Korean tech giant Samsung which has stolen the smartphone and tablet crown from it, is not on the top 20 list.

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