Apple (AAPL) Assures Encryption Boost When iCloud Emails Go Between Other Providers

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A worker climbs outside an Apple store in Hong Kong
A worker climbs outside an Apple store in Hong Kong April 10, 2013. REUTERS

Advanced technology assuages us to store and share online. But there is no clear understanding or assurance whether the information you store in the cloud is indeed safe and impenetrable by a third party.

The NPR reports that the answer to all this depends on what services is being used. The Electronic Frontier Foundation conducted a survey on big tech companies and asked them what kinds of encryption they have been using. Google has started citing email providers who were not encrypting email messages as they shared between companies.

Going through the list as to what these big tech companies are currently doing, some are not using encryption and declined to give specifics, while others were adding those services and some were good to go.

The NPR further reveals that Apple encrypts messages when they travel to other iCloud that is and accounts but not when these are shared with other accounts like Outlook or Gmail.

Hardware and software giant, Apple (AAPL), is stepping ahead to protect its iCloud customers.

Apple's iCloud email service is at present one of the very few that does not encrypt messages when they are exchanged with other providers. However, this will change very soon.

Apple plans to start encrypting its customers email when it goes from one provider to another and not just when email goes to iCloud. Although there is yet a timeline set as to when this will happen, said.

The change adds on to Apple's existing encryption procedures, including encrypting "fingertip information" and emails that come from and land on devices running OS X Yosemite.

The report also says that the configuration files that lets the telecom company control aspects of how an iPhone works is also unencrypted. According to Apple, these updates are authenticated and cannot be changed. All pre-login browsing or shopping traffic from the Apple Store is unencrypted, including all HTML content, images and so on.

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