Apple 2014 WWDC Roundup: WWDC Schedule, Larger iPad, iOS 8, iPhone 6, Apple TV and More

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Apple already established that its Worldwide Developers Conference will focus on two products: the iOS 8 and the OS X Mavericks. Nonetheless, analysts believe Apple will provide more information about its upcoming hardware cycles during the event. 

Apple's next big event is just around the corner. Many industry observers and analysts anticipate what the tech giant has in store during its two-hour keynote speech. According to a report by Forbes, they keynote section should give way for "something big." Fundamental changes on the OS X 10.10 and iOS 8 are already given. There are also the much anticipated hardware cycles for a new iPhone and set of iPads. Forbes also noted that it is possible Apple may have a MacBook update in line. 

Regardless of what Apple has in store, it is clear the company has been working on extending more support to third-party developers. Apps have been the lifeblood of Apple's ecosystem. It appears the company wants to welcome more blood donors to offer a new and more comprehensive experience to users. 

Microsoft just released its Surface Pro 3 taking a jab at the iPad. Analysts believe Apple may still go for a larger iPad called the iPad Pro. The device should be around 12 inches competing directly against the size market of the Surface Pro 3. 

Apple TV has now become a billion-dollar product. The company gained leverage when Walt Disney Company decided to bring Disney Movies Anywhere to the iOS. According to reports, Disney Movies Anywhere may become a channel once Apple TV update comes out. Apple's stock prices got a boost following acquisition of Beats Electronics. Beats Music will remain an independent product but the company's addition to Apple opens a lot of opportunities. 

As for the iPhone 6, Forbes said in a separate report the Apple has just cleared patent for use of liquidmetal and sapphire glass displays. According to U.S. Patent No. 8,738,104 entitled "Methods and systems for integrally trapping a glass insert in a metal bezel," Apple can now encase sapphire within liquidmetal allowing more durable displays. This can also reportedly make way for a new iPhone 6 design. 

The announcement of iOS 8 and OS X Mavericks 10.10 can provide an insight on what people can expect from the hardware products they will be running on. For a schedule of Apple's WWDC, click here

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