Apple 2014 MacBook Air and iPad Air 2 to Come with Multi-Touch Displays and LED-Based Keyboards

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Apple will reportedly release its 2014 MacBook Air and iPad Air 2 series this September. According to recent patent sighting, the tech giant has been preparing to incorporate multi-touch displays and LED-based keyboards on its upcoming computer offerings. With a few months before the release, the tech giant may have the time to ramp up features and offer the patents in time for the release. Can Apple deliver a killer laptop and tablet line? 

According to the US Patent & Trademark Office, Apple received a patent grant describing LED-based keyboard development. In the previous month, a similar report was published entitled: "Apple Rethinks the Keyboard with Gesture Controls & In-Key Displays to Support Pictograms, Symbols and Glyphs." While the previous report appears to offer more information, the recent grant patent emphasizes Apple's interest over working on this technological component. The patent also describes the development of multi-touch displays for upcoming Macs. 

In an application according to Patently Apple, the patent describes the use of input structures along with backlight 30 and keyboard 22.  The backlight lights up the keyboard offering improved visibility. Apple intends to use the backlight to support and offer instructions to the user. The backlight features a range of lights organized along with a set of keys. In some of the applications, backlight 30 features a series of lights with light emitting diodes or LEDs. 

Apple also noted in one of the applications that display 18 can also include input structures. This means, display 18 can also be touch-screen liquid crystal display (LCD) that allows users to communicate or interact with other user interface. For instance, display 18 can be a MultiTouch display capable of detecting several touches or gestures simultaneously. The multi-touch display technology can also find its way to upcoming MacBooks. 

Apple credits the invention to Manisha Pandya, Jingdong Chen, Mohammad Navabi-Shirazi and Assif Hussain. The invention is filed under patent number 20140176352.

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