Appalling Timeline of Terry Richardson’s Sexual Allegations

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The fashion industry is full of predators. Especially for young, impressionable models who want to get a break in the modeling industry, sexual predators can be so cunning to let these models fall prey to their vicious attacks. However, even big stars and photographers can take advantage of young aspiring models-and still get away with it!

Terry Richardson, the 46-year old famous photographer for "Harper Bazaar" is embroiled in countless sexual allegations after a very recent exposé by Charlotte Waters, a model whom he had previously molested. In a disturbing account on, Waters recounts how Terry Richardson made her model nude and how things downward spiraled to purely pornographic scenes.

Below is a disconcerting timeline of Terry Richardson's sexual allegations.

2004- Terry's intern Alex was allegedly pictured going down on the photographer, as explained by famous journalist Phoebe Eaton.

2010- Six years later, Terry had been producing mediocre photographs that banked on its 1970s pornographic flare. During a fashion event, Ria Rasmussen loudly confronted the photographer as she was pissed at Richardson for using her photo alongside nude underage models, which was released in Terry World.

2010- Jamie Peck reveals that Terry asked her to take her bloodied tampon to make tea with it while he was photographing her naked.

2010- While most models that have been surfacing were amateur or had not made it big in the business yet, more famous model Coco Rocha expressed her disapproval of the photographer in an interview with Fashion magazine, saying that "I've shot with [Terry Richardson], but I didn't feel comfortable and I won't do it again."

2014-Sara Ziff and Alise Shoemaker discussed in public how someone like Richardson could still thrive in the industry despite the numerous allegations on sexual assault. The model and filmmaker who founded the non-profit "The Model Alliance" in 2010 dished on why some models fell prey to Richardson.

2014-lastly, the Reddit girl who posted a topic titled Reddit's TwoXChromosomes thread, revealed all the disconcerting things Terry Richardson did to her. The anonymous model has since then revealed her identity. Charlotte Waters has spoken to the New York Police Department but has not formally pressed charges against the creepy photographer. 

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