Apollo Nida in Jail: Phaedra Parks Exposes Angela Stanton's Criminal Past As A Smear Campaign?

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Apollo Nida has recently been charged with fraud and with it comes all allegations against his wife, Phaedra Parks. Her former friend, Angela Stanton, was  Nida's partner during his previous scandal in 2004 and now the former is revealing all kinds of scandals about Parks.

Phaendra is reportedly suing Stanton for the latter's claims that the Real Housewives of Atlanta star was actually the leader of their previous scandal. Is this Phaendra using desperate measures, exposing Stanton's criminal past to make her case stronger?Stanton confessed in a private deposition on Feb. 6 that she was imprisoned just this year after she had an altercation with a family member. After only a few hours, word about Stanton's arrest already got out to local Antlanta media.

After finding out that her recent arrest has already been made public, Stanton's lawyer, James Radford released a statement on his blog, speculating how the news was leaked only after the private deposition. He said there were only a few people in the meeting, including Phaedra Parks and her camp. The deposition is part of a pre-trial discovery in Parks' defamation suit against Stanton.

"The deposition started at around 10:15 A.M. Sometime after it started, Stanton testified about her arrest recently after a disagreement with a member of her family," Radford wrote. "At 12:54 P.M. on the same day, I got the following tweet from Atlanta blogger, Sandra Rose that read: 'Hi Mr. Radford, did you know that your client was arrested for assault and battery on a family member?' It is a striking coincidence that only with two hours after the deposition where Parks and her assistants were present, the details were already in the hands of an Atlanta blogger that usually covers "The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the Stanton v. Parks case, etc."

It appears that Radford insinuates that the information originated only from someone in the meeting, which can only be him, Angela Stanton, Angela's close friend who was present for moral support, Phaedra Parks, Phaedra's lawyer and assistant.It also means that Stanton was arrested only two days after Apollo Nida appeared before a District Judge and was granted bail. It means that she was arrested only a couple of days before she issued a statement about feeling vindicated because of Nida's arrest. It is unclear whether Stanton was found guilty in the battery case, though. But that, along with late rent payments and bouncing checks can actually quite discredit Angela.

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