Apollo Nida Jail: Angela Stanton Reveals More Details on Phaedra Parks’ Criminal Activities Aside From Husband's Fraud Charges?

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While "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Apollo Nida continues to face fraud charges, new details are being revealed about his wife Phaedra Parks' own illegal activities. According to Radar Online, Parks has been accused as a "crooked snake" by her former friend, Angela Stanton, who claims that Apollo's wife oversaw fraudulent insurance checks, fraudulent bank accounts, chop shops, fake IDs, fraudulent titles, stolen cars and fraudulent registration cards.

According to Stanton's deposition, she met Parks in 1998 or 1999 through her then boyfriend and Parks immediately became her mentor. "There was criminal activity involved in our relationship," Stanton confessed. She said she was a single mother with a couple of children and Parks advised her on how to earn money for her family. "She and I became friends. We were close. She became close to my family. I kind of looked up to Phaedra like a mentor," she added. The scam they first operated together involved the purchase of electronics and laptop computers, desktop computers, DVD players, palm pilots, jewelry and the issuance of fake checks.

Their relationship was allegedly one where Parks listed things that she needed and wanted. "I would pick up the list with the fraudulent checks and I would ride around all day to go to different stores and I would write checks and I would collect the items that she listed and I would bring them back to her," Stanton narrated.

Stanton also revealed learning from Parks that anybody could write in a business check and names did not have to match. The business checks would always go through. In her deposition, Stanton claimed that Parks let her use more or less 50 checks for her own purchases and promised to act as her lawyers if she got caught.

After being nabbed and jailed for four months, Phaedra once again lured Stanton with a new scheme and this time, fraudulent bank accounts, fake IDs and fraudulent checks were involved. Phaedra allegedly got Stanton an ID card in the fake name of Tyra Evans and asked her to open up a bank account, where they deposited $23,000. Stanton did not know where the chek came from. She was put back to jail for several months with Apollo Nida.

The scheming allegedly continued with an automobile scam. "The car scam involved fake IDs, fake registration cards. You go o the car lot and write down the VIN number of a car they wanted. Someone would make a registration card that matches your fake ID. You go bck to the dealership and tell them you lost your key and for $65 they will cut a key to the same vehicle. You would go to the car lot when it's closed and drive off the car, take it to the chop shop, change VIN nubers and get titles for the state of Ohio. Go to the DMV office and swap titles," Stanton revealed.

Stanton was reportedly arrested and that was when she ended her relationship with Parks, who refused to represent her.

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