Apollo Nida Fraud: Is Phaedra Parks the Real Crooked Attorney?

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Apollo Nida has been accused of being involved with a fraud scandal. Currently, a female source named Angela Stanton has reportedly claimed his wife, the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" Star Phaedra Parks was the mastermind behind Nida's alleged fraudulent dealings such as bank fraud and identity theft charges. She noted Parks is now facing disbarment from the Georgia State Bar.

Stanton has served time in prison with Nida and another business partner. She said Parks was linked to the fraudulent scheme from 2004-2009 but Parks was too witty and smart to get caught. A court document showed Stanton saying that Nida and Parks made fraudulent insurance checks.

"We were all involved in the federal racketeering scheme against the federal government. Phaedra's schemes were elaborate and clever. I often found myself excited about learning her tricks of the trade. She was the crooked attorney who knew how to commute crimes against the federal government."

Stanton has tried to tell her story to Vibe magazine in May 2012 but Parks allegedly shut it down with a lawsuit against the magazine. She also took legal action against Stanton and a judge has yet to rule on the case. She also wrote a book entitled, "Lies of a Real Housewife."

According to Radar Online, documents from the Georgia Secretary of State show that Phaedra was listed as a founding officer with Nida's business, including Nida Inc., National Recovery Group, Inc., Nida Group, Inc. and Nida Fitness Inc. None of these corporations were listed as prosecution targets in Apollo's case. National Recovery Group, as listed above, was allegedly a debt collection company like many companies mentioned in the complaint.

Reports noted an American Secret Service Agent in the Counterfeit and U.S. Treasury Check Squad named Alexandre Herrera said Nida ripped people off by opening fake bank accounts under their real names.

He was also accused of getting a hold of stolen retirement checks for Delta Airline employees, stolen U.S. Treasury checks and unclaimed tax checks. The mentioned companies were allegedly set up to access Equifax, LexisNexis and other similar databases.

Phaedra was not being disbarred by the Georgia State Bar, which stated, "She is still an active member with no public discipline. Parks has never been suspended or disbarred and is a member in good standing."

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