Apollo Nida Fraud Case update: Phaedra Parks Sues Woman for Sexual Affair with Rapper Accusations

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Phaedra Parks is reportedly taking legal action against the woman named Angela Stanton, who accused her of not only being the master mind behind the former's husband, Apollo Nida's fraud scandal but also of having a sexual affair with Atlanta rapper, Drama. According to reports, Stanton also had an intimate relationship with Drama in the past. She also accused Parks of violating lawyer/client confidentiality when the latter gossiped about her client, "Danger" rapper Mystical's legal issues while she was still representing him.

Based on the released court documents, Parks claims that Stanton made a couple of false and defamatory remarks about her in the book. Some parts of the book entitled "Lies of a Real Housewife" that Parks quoted for the case were: "Phaedra had no idea that Drama had been telling me that they had sex as well. Drama said that Phaedra was only mad because he would not be with her just sexually. Once [Angela] told Drama how Phaedra hated him, he swore to me that he and Phaedra had a sexual relationship."

Stanton said every conversation she had with Phaedra has always been about sex. She claimed that Phaedra would elaborate her performance and show Stanton photos of her dressed as a dominatrix, bent over in different positions. There were whips and "freaky-ass" underwear hanging everywhere at Parks' home.

Staton continued to write that Phaedra tried to catch the rapper about this lie but they ended up bullying Stanton together. "She prepped the rapper on what to say, just like how she briefed all her clients. It is common protocol for Parks. She has previously mention this fact to me," Stanton wrote. She added that Phaedra often gossiped about her clients to her, including Mystical.Stanton further wrote about how Parks frequently called the mother of Mystical's child a "ghetto," called the rapper stupid and gossipied about how Mystical allegedly assaulted a woman sexually for stealing from him.

Parks claims that none of these are true. Parks' husband, Apollo Nida, has recently been arrested for fraud cases like the previous one that put him in jail from years 2004 to 2009. Stanton claims that Parks spearheaded the first case and it is a question if she was also involved with the recent one as well. Nida's hearing will be on Feb. 12.

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