‘ANTM’ Cycle 21 Contestant Chantelle Brown-Young -- Win Not Guaranteed Just Because Tyra Banks Wants Her

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ANTM Producer and Judge Tyra Banks
Model and talk show host Tyra Banks arrives at the BET Awards '09 in Los Angeles June 28, 2009. REUTERS/PHIL MCCARTEN

Chantelle Brown-Young must be the most talked-about contestant on "America's Next Top Model" to date because of her vitiligo, a skin condition that causes depigmentation. However, does this make her a shoo-in for the title? The budding model says no.

Chantelle admits to Cosmopolitan magazine that Tyra Banks wanted her so much that one of the rules was changed just to make her eligible for the competition. However, Tyra Banks warned her that she has to work hard for the title just like the other contestants.

Tyra Banks first noticed Chantelle through a fan page that Chantelle's sister made for her, and the budding model thought it was too good to be true, especially since she knows the competition is not for those residing outside the United States. However, she realized it soon enough that Tyra really wanted her so much and is even willing to bend that one little rule for her.

"It's a long process of making videos of yourself, a lot of back and forth, and a lot of contracts, but when I finally flew out to L.A. to go through the casting process, I was able to skip the open calls, since Tyra wanted me so much. Canadians also aren't allowed to try out, but the show made a special little gateway for me to do so. I ran under the fence," shared the young model contestant happily.

The model cannot believe how lucky she is that Tyra wants her. However, she knows this does not mean she would win the competition just like that. She also does not use her skin disorder as a sob story. The model also shared that she already moved on from all the bullying she received because of her skin, and that her condition cannot be used as a sob story to persuade people that the title is hers.

Tyra's words also stuck with her. The model shared that Tyra told her, "I found you in myself and you're here because of me, but I won't tread lightly with you. Nothing is a handout. You have to work for it."

Chantelle is obliviously ready to work hard for the top spot on the competition. BuddyTV calls her an inspiration to all.

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